Monday, December 14, 2009

Still Alive and Kicking. A Post-NMAT entry.

Sorry I've been MIA for the past few weeks. I had to focus on my review. And now it's OVER (I took the exam just yesterday) and I have to wait for 10 working days for the result.

After 10 days, my future's determined.
Gives me a chill whenever I think of it. I wish I could get a high score *prays really really hard*.

I wasn't able to finish the part 1 of the exam.
The Part 1 consists of Verbal (Analogy and Reading comprehension), Inductive Reasoning, Math, and Perceptual Acuity. Biology, Physics, Social Science, and Chemistry comprise the 2nd Part of the exam.
The exam was okay. It's just that I need more time to finish the part 1 (I have to guess 5 items 'cause of that. Shot gun method, remember? HAHA).
I like the 2nd part better than the 1st part.

My advice is, to study the sample booklets provided by CEM. It'll be very useful. Trust me.
Review classes would be helpful, but I don't think they're necessary.

Anyway, I think I'm gonna make a separate blog entry about NMAT but I have to know my score first. XD

Friday, November 20, 2009

K.Lo Dot Com Giveaway

K.Lo Dot Com's Giveaway!

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1 LUSH Bath Bomb
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

L-M-X giveaway

Clarisonic PLUS for the Face and Body!!

Giveaway by L-M-X. :) Follow her! :)

This set includes:
  • One rechargeable Clarisonic PLUS skin care brush
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  • 1-oz Gentle Hydro Cleanser
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  • 2-oz Refining Skin Polish
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  • Universal charging cradle
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One lucky winner will give this baby a new home. The rules are simple so here are the rules:

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Awesome Giveaways from Polka-dotted Apple

This is the first giveaway I would ever join. :)
This is from Polka-dotted Apple. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, by the way. I really enjoy reading your blog. :D

* What is your most prized possession? My DSLR. Cameras can capture the moments that may never happen again, plus, it would allow you to store those memories that can last a lifetime.

* What is your definition of beauty? Someone who is confident and smart. A beautiful person doesn't have to put too much product on her face, because the beauty within will still show. :)

* What makeup item (Brand and name of product) would you recommend to me? Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. This is a really good make-up base, it lessens the appearance of pores and fine lines, and it keeps the foundation stay on longer.

* What is your favorite KIND of makeup item and why? Blemish Balm (BB) Creams. They are so versatile. I use BB cream instead of liquid foundation cause I can get more benefits from them. It has SPF, whitening effect, covers blemishes pretty well, and helps improve the texture of the skin.

* A weird factoid about you. I'm not afraid of needles. I enjoy injections and I even look at the syringe whenever they have to take samples of my blood. I'm not afraid of blood and needles but I'm deadly afraid of crowded places. I tend to avoid them. :\

* What is the fondest memory of your childhood? Since we don't have snow here in the Philippines, my family and I would go to the mall to ice skate. We're not really good ice skaters and we fall most the time, but that's the fun part in it. Everything doesn't have to be perfect, we don't have to be experts in ice skating to enjoy it, as long as I'm with my family and were enjoying ourselves, then I'm very happy with it. :)

* Describe yourself honestly. I'm a happy person. I'm shy at first, it takes longer for me to get comfy with the new people/crowd I just met. But once they get to know me, I'm actually really talkative. I'm pretty open to all topics so people can easily talk to me. And I also tend to be workaholic, I wouldn't even eat until I've finished all the tasks I have to do.

* Tell me something I could do to improve my blog. More pictures and reviews please. And showing us your outfit of the day would be awesome too. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Hibernating for now.

I'll be taking the National Medical Admissions Test (NMAT) this coming December 13. So I'll be focusing on my review for now. I might be hibernating in the world wide web. I'll do some new updates after the exam. I promise. After all, I got tons and tons of items to review. :)

Please subscribe if you like. :)

PS. My uncle will be coming home from Canada and I asked him to buy me some MAC products. I'm pretty excited with my Springsheen blush (it's a bit similar with NARS Orgasm) and Russian Red.
I'll show you my haul after the exam.

So, yeah.

See you soon guys!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Coastal Scents 88 Matte Palette

Colors! Lot's and lots of them. Whenever I watch YouTube video tutorials, I always see this palette, it's like a staple in every girl's make-up collection. The colors are so bright and intense. I thought this might be a good investment since almost every color is there and this might come in handy during our spontaneous photoshoots.

I did swatches on some of the colors--yellow, green, blue, pink, and red.

Good Side:
It's highly pigmented, thus gives very intense colors. Colors are easy to blend and lasts long (if you use an eyeshadow primer, then this would stay much much much longer). It feels light and is not cakey after application. Plus it's easy to remove (your facial wash and water will do. Haha! You don't need make-up remover). The casing is very classy, it brings out the colors even more.

Bad Side:
Aside from being a bit bulky (you can't carry it around everytime you go out), I don't see anything wrong with it.

Is it worth its price?
Online sellers sell this product at different prices. I got mine for 800 pesos. HAHA. I know. Some sell it for 1200-1300, can you imagine the price difference?! So be careful on choosing the right online shop if you plan on buying one. It's definitely worth it's price. 88 colors for just 800 pesos? That's a great bargain already!

lovelove, Piya Piyaya

Dessert Treats Plumping Lip Gloss

Jessica Simpson has a beauty line called Dessert Treats. I've tried their Fragrance called Candy, and I liked it a lot. It tasted like candy (yes. Its edible!) and smells like candy. Although I'm not using one anymore (I switched to Victoria Secret's Beauty Rush in Strawberry Fizz), I'm still going to do a review on the perfume soon. But for now, I'm going to make a review on another product from the same beauty line, the plumping lip glosses.

The flavor
cotton candy caught my attention, as I've mentioned on my previous post, I'm not really into glossy lips. But I thought this lip gloss is also edible and sweet-tasting just like the perfume.

So I tried one (I got the smaller version), just to test it myself. I got mine on along with the perfume. After receiving the product, I immediately opened and tried it on. To my dismay, it tasted awful. It doesn't taste like candy, not even a bit (plus, it smells bad too!). The lip gloss left a greasy feeling on my lips, and it doesn't stay long. No plumping effect. This product failed my expectations! I bought it for 180 pesos, and it's not even worth it.
Don't buy this product.

lovelove, Piya Piyaya

Nerds Lip Balm

Tiny, tangy, crunchy candy.

I must say that this is the best creation of Willy Wonka. I've been addicted to this candy since forever. This is one of my ultimate pick-me-upper and stress reliever. I love the crunchy, sweet, and sour flavor. The strawberry complemented the grape making the candy taste like heaven. I always buy this candy whenever my mom and I visit the supermarket (I usually buy 3 boxes). I know there are other Nerds flavors, but this is the best for me.

I think it was a great idea to make Nerds lip balm for all those people who are into this sweet tiny, tangy, and crunchy candy. I bought mine at Claire's for $ 2.50 but it can also be bought online.

Good Side:
Keeps my lips moisturized. I use this before my lipstick because it creates a smooth base for the lipstick. It smells really good--just like the candy. And the taste was okay for me, the strawberry and grape flavor was still there, but a bit lighter than the actual candy. It leaves a nice pinkish tinge of color on your lips so you can use it even without lipstick. It doesn't feel heavy on my lips unlike the other lip balms I've tried so far.

Bad Side:
I'm not a fan of glossy lips. This one makes my lips appear glossy so I usually cover it with lipstick. Although, others expected the balm's flavor to be sweeter and more similar with the actual candy.

Is it worth its price?
Yes. Enough said. I love its moisturizing effect on my lips.

lovelove, Piya Piyaya.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

I first saw this product from EnKore (in YouTube), he made a video on how to conceal and soften acne scars. The video was very detailed and helpful. See this: CLICK ME.

Good Side:
It's really effective. Two applications will do if you have humungus pores like me. It smoothened my skin and had a matte finish (this is a good thing for oily skin). It controlled my oil for a long time. The primer also made my skin appear smoother. And like all primers, this kept my foundation longer. Luckily, I didn't have any negative reaction with this product. And now, I'm totally dependent with this product. I use this even without the foundation, just primer, concealer, and powder, and I'm good to go.

Bad Side:
Is it just me or the primer smells a bit like gasoline? (lol)

Is it worth is price?
Definitely. Its a bit pricey but its worth it. May I suggest you buy the 15 ml tube, since it goes a long way. I've been using this for 6 months already, and it is still about 3/4 full.

lovelove, Piya Piyaya

ELF Shielding Hydro-tint Spf 15

My next review would still be coming from Eyes Lips Face (ELF). This is ELF's version of a tinted moisturizer slash sunscreen.

Good Side:
Aside from being easy to blend and has a larger range of shades compared with their concealer, I don't have anything good to say about this product.

Bad Side:
It smells really really bad. I expected it to smell like the other products (sugary orange), but it did not. (Although I visited their site a while ago and saw that they included a scent now). Don't get me wrong, I still don't approve scented cosmetics, I'm just saying that the "original" smell is very overpowering and having a scent might be a better solution to this problem. It has very light coverage, its just tinted, period. And aside from being a sunscreen, I don't see its other function. Plus it makes my skin oilier.

Is it worth its price?
NO. Definitely not. There are other tinted moisturizers in the market the would perform better than this product. Although a bit expensive than ELF's but at least they are worth their price.

lovelove, piya piyaya

ELF Tone Correcting Concealer

My first review would be about ELF's Tone Correcting Concealer. This would be the first concealer I've bought. I got this from OMG Boutique (, they sell ELF products for only 100 pesos (plus, ELF was still not sold locally that time). To be honest, the first thing that caught my attention was the price, it was reasonable. Plus I saw some good reviews about it, so I want to try it myself.

Good Side:
The packaging was okay, it gives a classy kind of look (this is one of the reason why ELF products are relatively cheaper than other make-ups, their packaging is simple). The application wand was good, and the concealer was blendable. I didn't have break-outs when first I used this product (I have uberly sensitive skin--it reacts right after I apply a product on my face. Srsly).

Bad Side:
What I don't like about it is the scent. I'm not really a fan of scented make-ups, this could cause skin irritation to some people. I don't recommend this to those who have oily skin (I have oily skin) since it doesn't control the oil, so you have to reapply it after a few hours. The coverage is very light, I have to apply the concealer three times before it completely covered my dark circles and pimple marks. The concealer has a limited range of color (its just light, medium, and fair). I also think it darkens the skin a bit, I bought the lightest shade but it still looks dark after application. But what I hate the most is that it accentuated my pores.

Is it worth it's price?
Well, I might say yes and no. Yes, if you have lesser blemishes, then one application might do the trick for you. I saw some good reviews about this, they said this concealer instantly hid their dark circles (it didn't for me). But for 100 pesos (129.75 pesos in the Department Store), I think it's worth a try. This is a good concealer for those who want to begin experimenting with concealers and have minor blemishes to cover.

I bought their Undereye Concealer and Highlighter from their studio line. I'll make a review soon.

Picture taken from

lovelove, Piya Piyaya

First Entry.

So this is my first blog entry.

And I'm still confused with Blogspot since I usually blog using Multiply.

Basically, this blog is for my reviews on the beauty (such as cosmetics) products I've tried. Which may (or may not, hehe) help you. :)

Anyway, I might post my first review, later (or tomorrow). I just need to take a picture of the products I'd review.

When did I become interested in make-ups?

I remember my cousin giving me a haul of Clinique products as a graduation gift, but I just gave it to my mom since I'm just into powder and lip balm look that time. I don't even know how to use eyes shadows. :P

I became interested in make-up when I started watching make-up tutorials in YouTube. The first tutorial I watched was Panacea81's. It was a tutorial on Taylor Swift's Teardrops on My Guitar make-up. I was watching the actual music video until I saw Lauren's (Panacea81) video tutorial in the Related Videos, out of curiosity I clicked it and watched it. I had so much fun watching it (plus I love Lauren's British accent), so I viewed her other videos (I finished watching all her tutorials within just three days). I wanted to try some of her looks, so I borrowed my Aunt's make-up (I was living with my Aunt during college) and tried imitating the look. I got so engrossed with my it that I decided to buy my own make-up. I ordered online (since the city is far from where I lived, and it also saves time since I'm really into online shopping).

I eventually found xsparkage, Xteneer, and MichellePhan (my favorite Guru) in YouTube, and I became more and more interested in make-up.

Then she became obsessed with it

The main reason I became obsessed with make-up is because of our Prom in college. I want to do my own hair and make-up (since I didn't like the way Make-up artists do my make-up during HS). So dedicated some time to master the look I liked in YT. And fortunately, (I think) I did. Oh here's a pic of me during my prom:

When we went to US last summer, we lived with our cousin (which was also obsessed with make-up), so we would go to CVS / Walmart / Sephora / Ulta / Macy's together to check out the make-ups (she's a MAC baby). I bought tons of make-up during the trip since they were cheaper than the the products here in PH (blame the Tax, and everything that causes the increase in the price of the make-ups). Plus we made it till the memorial sale, so expect A BIG BIG decrease in the prices especially on the Drugstore products. :)

So if you're going to other countries (Hong Kong also has tons of good cosmetics. I remember buying a good shimmer palette with bright and highly pigmented colors there), I suggest you dash into the drugstore, department store, and beauty/cosmetic shops, and purchase all the make-up you like, you'll be saving more money than buying at Rustan's or online (two words: SHIPPING FEE).

Okay. I'm skipping from one topic to another again. Sorry.
Anyway, I'll be ending this entry before I skip into another topic again.

So see you guys!

lovelove, Piya Piyaya.