Saturday, October 3, 2009

ELF Tone Correcting Concealer

My first review would be about ELF's Tone Correcting Concealer. This would be the first concealer I've bought. I got this from OMG Boutique (, they sell ELF products for only 100 pesos (plus, ELF was still not sold locally that time). To be honest, the first thing that caught my attention was the price, it was reasonable. Plus I saw some good reviews about it, so I want to try it myself.

Good Side:
The packaging was okay, it gives a classy kind of look (this is one of the reason why ELF products are relatively cheaper than other make-ups, their packaging is simple). The application wand was good, and the concealer was blendable. I didn't have break-outs when first I used this product (I have uberly sensitive skin--it reacts right after I apply a product on my face. Srsly).

Bad Side:
What I don't like about it is the scent. I'm not really a fan of scented make-ups, this could cause skin irritation to some people. I don't recommend this to those who have oily skin (I have oily skin) since it doesn't control the oil, so you have to reapply it after a few hours. The coverage is very light, I have to apply the concealer three times before it completely covered my dark circles and pimple marks. The concealer has a limited range of color (its just light, medium, and fair). I also think it darkens the skin a bit, I bought the lightest shade but it still looks dark after application. But what I hate the most is that it accentuated my pores.

Is it worth it's price?
Well, I might say yes and no. Yes, if you have lesser blemishes, then one application might do the trick for you. I saw some good reviews about this, they said this concealer instantly hid their dark circles (it didn't for me). But for 100 pesos (129.75 pesos in the Department Store), I think it's worth a try. This is a good concealer for those who want to begin experimenting with concealers and have minor blemishes to cover.

I bought their Undereye Concealer and Highlighter from their studio line. I'll make a review soon.

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