Saturday, October 3, 2009

First Entry.

So this is my first blog entry.

And I'm still confused with Blogspot since I usually blog using Multiply.

Basically, this blog is for my reviews on the beauty (such as cosmetics) products I've tried. Which may (or may not, hehe) help you. :)

Anyway, I might post my first review, later (or tomorrow). I just need to take a picture of the products I'd review.

When did I become interested in make-ups?

I remember my cousin giving me a haul of Clinique products as a graduation gift, but I just gave it to my mom since I'm just into powder and lip balm look that time. I don't even know how to use eyes shadows. :P

I became interested in make-up when I started watching make-up tutorials in YouTube. The first tutorial I watched was Panacea81's. It was a tutorial on Taylor Swift's Teardrops on My Guitar make-up. I was watching the actual music video until I saw Lauren's (Panacea81) video tutorial in the Related Videos, out of curiosity I clicked it and watched it. I had so much fun watching it (plus I love Lauren's British accent), so I viewed her other videos (I finished watching all her tutorials within just three days). I wanted to try some of her looks, so I borrowed my Aunt's make-up (I was living with my Aunt during college) and tried imitating the look. I got so engrossed with my it that I decided to buy my own make-up. I ordered online (since the city is far from where I lived, and it also saves time since I'm really into online shopping).

I eventually found xsparkage, Xteneer, and MichellePhan (my favorite Guru) in YouTube, and I became more and more interested in make-up.

Then she became obsessed with it

The main reason I became obsessed with make-up is because of our Prom in college. I want to do my own hair and make-up (since I didn't like the way Make-up artists do my make-up during HS). So dedicated some time to master the look I liked in YT. And fortunately, (I think) I did. Oh here's a pic of me during my prom:

When we went to US last summer, we lived with our cousin (which was also obsessed with make-up), so we would go to CVS / Walmart / Sephora / Ulta / Macy's together to check out the make-ups (she's a MAC baby). I bought tons of make-up during the trip since they were cheaper than the the products here in PH (blame the Tax, and everything that causes the increase in the price of the make-ups). Plus we made it till the memorial sale, so expect A BIG BIG decrease in the prices especially on the Drugstore products. :)

So if you're going to other countries (Hong Kong also has tons of good cosmetics. I remember buying a good shimmer palette with bright and highly pigmented colors there), I suggest you dash into the drugstore, department store, and beauty/cosmetic shops, and purchase all the make-up you like, you'll be saving more money than buying at Rustan's or online (two words: SHIPPING FEE).

Okay. I'm skipping from one topic to another again. Sorry.
Anyway, I'll be ending this entry before I skip into another topic again.

So see you guys!

lovelove, Piya Piyaya.

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