Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ELF Studio Blush: Candid Coral

You might have read my previous reviews about some of ELF's $1 products, some were just too crappy for the price but some were okay (like their eyeshadow brush, although I haven't done any review about the good ones yet). I was glad ELF came up with an improved version of their old product--their Studio Line ($3 or Php 249.75). I've been lemming to try their new line, I've tried their concealer palette and Undereye Concealer and Highlighter and I can say that I'm really impressed.

I'm still looking for a good substitute for NARS Orgasm blush (too expensive), and I've read some reviews that Candid Coral is pretty close to Orgasm (correct me if I'm wrong).

(this is the actual color)

(too dark in this pic ^)

Good Side:
-Black classy casing.
-Comes with a mirror.
-The shade is beautiful. Coral with gold undertone.
-Looks great on my skin. Makes my skin glow.
-No scent.

Bad Side:
-Not much color so I can't show a swatch. It's not really that pigmented. But this one's a good thing for me so I can control the color on my face.
-Powdery (see the second picture)
-No brush

Is it worth its price?
YES SIR. I'm definitely buying the other blushes available. :)


  1. hehe..ELF is a cool brand especially for the prices. I've bought a ton from them and even still want more :)

  2. thats awesome what a great haul! i hope you have a wonderful weekend!